Butterfly's Dream Children's Stories from China


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Ippo Keido
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Jul, 2017

About Butterfly's Dream Children's Stories from China

This Chinese children's book tells an ancient Chinese zen koan and is great for parents who want to expose their kids to Taoist thinking.
The stories of the Taoist teacher and storyteller Chuang-Tzu have long been revered for their whimsical simplicity and childlike sense of wonder. Admired by poets, artists, and philosophers, his stories ask us to see the world from new and unique perspectives.
This imaginative book is based on one of Chuang-Tzu's most famous stories, in which the storyteller wakes up and wonders who is the dreamer-and who the dreamed.
The book begins with the butterfly of Chuang-Tzu's famous dream taking off on a flight of discovery-through fabulous Chinese landscapes captured in beautiful watercolor illustrations. The butterfly's adventures, its encounters with traditional Chinese characters, and the age-old but still relevant lessons of the importance of imagination and having an open mind, make this an inspiring and thought-provoking reading experience for children.

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