Chef Cookbook - Third Edition

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Jun, 2017

About Chef Cookbook - Third Edition

Chef is a configuration management tool that lets you automate your more cumbersome IT infrastructure processes and control a large network of computers (and virtual machines) from one master server.
This book will help you solve everyday problems with your IT infrastructure with Chef. It will start with recipes that show you how to effectively manage your infrastructure and solve problems with users, applications, and automation. You will then come across a new testing framework, InSpec, to test any node in your infrastructure.
Further on, you will learn to customize plugins and write cross-platform cookbooks depending on the platform. You will also install packages from a third-party repository and learn how to manage users and applications. Toward the end, you will build high-availability services and explore what Habitat is and how you can implement it.
What you will learn:
- Test your cookbooks with Test Kitchen
- Manage cookbook dependencies with Berkshelf
- Use reporting to keep track of what happens during the execution of chef-client runs across all of the machines
- Create custom Ohai and Knife plugins
- Build a high-availability service using Heartbeat
- Use a HAProxy to load-balance multiple web servers

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