Equity and Trusts, 3rd Edition

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Sukhninder Panesar
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May, 2017

About Equity and Trusts, 3rd Edition

With over 20 years’ experience in teaching in this area, Sukhninder Panesar’s Equity & Trusts offers the student reader a contemporary account of how equity and the law of trusts applies to real people and real situations in modern society. Key academic debates and the theoretical aspects of the subject are also considered throughout equipping the student reader with an understanding not only of what the law is, but why it is so.

Table of Contents

Part I Introduction to equity and trusts
Chapter 1 Introduction To Equity
Chapter 2 The Trust Concept
Chapter 3 The Trust Distinguished From Other Legal Concepts
Part II Creating the trust relationship
Chapter 4 The Three Certainties
Chapter 5 Formalities
Chapter 6 Constitution Of Trusts
Chapter 7 Secret Trusts And Mutual Wills
Chapter 8 The Beneficiary Principle
Chapter 9 Illegality And Public Policy
Part III Trusts implied by law
Chapter 10 Resulting Trusts, Part I: Nature Of Resulting Trusts
Chapter 11 Resulting Trusts, Part Ii: Imposing Resulting Trusts
Chapter 12 Constructive Trusts, Part I: Nature Of Constructive Trusts
Chapter 13 Constructive Trusts, Part Ii: Imposing Constructive Trusts
Chapter 14 Constructive Trusts, Part Iii: Imposing Constructive Trusts – Intermeddling With Trust Property
Part IV The administration of trusts
Chapter 15 Introduction To Trusteeship Appointment, Removal And Retirement
Chapter 16 Investment Of Trust Funds
Chapter 17 Fiduciary Nature Of Trusteeship
Chapter 18 Powers Of Trustees
Chapter 19 Variation Of Trusts
Part V Breach of trust and remedies
Chapter 20 Breach Of Trust And Personal Remedies
Chapter 21 Tracing And A Proprietary Claim
Part VI Charities and charitable trusts
Chapter 22 Charities And Charitable Trusts
Chapter 23 The Cy-Près Doctrine

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