Manual of Bone Marrow Examination


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Jan, 2017

About Manual of Bone Marrow Examination

was created to present a systematic approach to the methods of procurement and examination of bone marrow (aspiration and trephine biopsy) samples that play a crucial role in the diagnosis and management of various hematological as well as non-hematological conditions. The manual is designed for medical students, house officers, physicians, and other health professionals with an interest in hematology and oncology. Examinations of bone marrow are used commonly to diagnose and treat hematological and non-hematological conditions. systematically explains how to obtain and process bone marrow samples and outlines the methods employed to carry out this specialized clinical procedure safely and effectively. Both aspiration and trephine (core) biopsy techniques are described in detail with the relative merits and limitations of each highlighted. Dr. Islam discusses common problems and rare complications, offering practical advice on how they may be resolved. Finally, a step-by-step guide with illustrations demonstrates how to obtain aspirations and trephine (core) biopsy specimens at the bedside. State-of-the-art review of aspiration and trephine (core) biopsy Practical illustrated guide to technique and procedure Recent developments and indications for the future will be of benefit to anyone involved in procuring and interpreting bone marrow specimens

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