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Apr, 2017

About Only a Trillion

A trillion seconds is equal to 31,700 years.
A trillion inches is equal to 15,800,000 miles.
In other words, a trillion seconds ago, Stone Age man lived in caves, and mastodons roamed Europe and North America.
Or, a trillion-inch journey will carry you 600 times around the Earth, and leave more than enough distance to carry you to the moon and back.
And yet a good part of the chapters that follow ought to show you quite plainly that even a trillion can become a laughably small figure in the proper circumstances.
Isaac Asimov is curious about nearly everything, and he has made it his business to share whatever he learns with us-there are few people as good at it as he is.
ONLY A TRILLION is only one example of the range of his talents and the depth of his knowledge. These twelve essays are on such diverse subjects as life on other planets, the famous Thiotimoline-and The Goose That Laid The Golden Eggs...but you're just going to have to buy this book to find out what he knows about that.

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