Perioperative Medicine Medical Consultation and Co-management

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Aug, 2017

About Perioperative Medicine Medical Consultation and Co-management

Provides a comprehensive evidence-based guide to the management of the growing population of patients who require perioperative care
Perioperative Medicine: Medical Consultation and Co-Management is the first comprehensive reference text developed specifically for hospitalists but envisioned also to help internists, anesthesiologists, allied health professionals, fellows, residents, and medical students manage various aspects of the medical care of the surgical patient. The book features both the preoperative and postoperative medical management of the surgical patient. It focuses on systems, operations, quality of perioperative care, and preoperative assessment of the patient, all in consideration with system-specific risk and evidence-based strategies that minimize risk. It places special emphasis on care of the older hospitalized surgical patient and offers a thorough discussion of post-operative conditions and their management.
Chapters cover vital topics such as:
Hospitalist as a Medical Consultant
Co-Management of the Surgical Patient
Preoperative Evaluation
Improving the Quality and Outcomes of Perioperative Care
Developing, Implementing, and Operating a Preoperative Clinic
Assessing and Managing Risk of Major Organ Systems
Assessing and Managing Disorders for Surgery
Postoperative Care and Co-Management by Surgery Type
Managing Common Postoperative Conditions
With the core responsibilities of perioperative care falling more and more on the shoulders of hospitalists, internists, and allied health professionals, Perioperative Medicine is a much-needed guide for managing the clinical and operational issues associated with caring for hospitalized surgical patients.

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