Physiology and Behaviour of Plants


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Jan, 2017

About Physiology and Behaviour of Plants

Physiology and Behaviour of Plants looks at plants and how they sense and respond to their environment. It takes the traditional plant physiology book into a new dimension by demonstrating how the biochemical observations underlie the behaviour of the plant. In many ways the book parallels courses studied at university on animal physiology and behaviour. The plant has to meet the same challenges as an animal to survive, but overcomes these challenges in very different ways. Students learn to think of plants not only as dynamic organisms, but aggressive, territorial organisms capable of long-range communication.
Hallmark features include:
Based on a successful course that the author has run for several years at Sussex University, UK
Relates plant biochemistry to plant function
Printed in four colour throughout
Includes a wealth of illustrations and photographs that engages the reader's attention and reinforce key concepts explored within the text
Presents material in a modern ‘topic' based approach, with many relevant and exciting examples to inspire the student
An accompanying web site will include teaching supplements
This innovative textbook is the ultimate resource for all students in biology, horticulture, forestry and agriculture.

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