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Jun, 2017

About Powershell Scripting 2 Manuscripts-Powershell and Wireless Hacking

f you've ever wanted to learn the Powershell language but couldn't because of all the confusing information out therethen this bundle will be your guide.
If you've also wanted to learn about other useful tools-like Kali Linux or penetration testing-with the intent of hacking wireless networks-then this bundle will be an unfair steal.
Because when you this bundle you'll get a clear, step-by-step guide on mastering both the Powershell command line AND wireless hacking. Each book contains proven strategies and techniques to help you have more success with Powershell scripting-and to give you the tools necessary to become an expert hacker. When you master each of these critical skills you'll be indispensible to companies the world over-not to mention feared by institutions that safeguard online privacy and security.
Inside you'll get the following:
Powershell: The Beginner's Guide to Mastering the Powershell Command Line and Learning to script tasks effortlessly
This is where you'll learn all about the Powershell command line, how to script tasks, and how to distinguish Powershell from other shells. You'll learn how to use the Powershell pipeline and how to ensure security on Powershell. You'll also discover how to use Powershell with devops and how to automate the entire Windows system. All of this will be taught with lucid Screenshots and tutorials.
Wireless Hacking: The Beginner's Guide to Hacking Wireless Networks
In this book you'll discover the A-Z of wireless hacking. I'll show you the strategies "Big Boy" hackers use to break into the most highly encrypted institutions online. You'll learn the "technical" side of things without getting too technical. You'll even discover how to use Kali Linux and Penetration testing to become a world class hacker (I'll also teach you how to prevent others from hacking into your system). By the time you're finished reading and applying these strategies you'll know more than 90% of hackers out there.

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