Turning the Self Inside Out


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Jun, 2017

About Turning the Self Inside Out

A Self-Discovery Guide for all seeking a more meaningful life.
We are bombarded by the social media and strongly influenced by political, educational and religious norms.
Given the current world-view that suggests changes are urgently needed in order to correct social injustices, it is crucial to become more mindful of our inner reality, to think independently and consciously. This is achieved if one begins with a solid connection and understanding with the self. Only then can problems and issues be resolved effectively.
This course identifies 12 important, everyday life issues that can be resolved in one of two ways: Through an "old" encumbered mind-set or a "new" limitless mind-set. Once learned, this skill-set will be an invaluable asset in resolving the challenges of life.
The course applies a "best practices" approach to address various learning styles including extensive use of multi-media resources and a rich-content that is based on real-life situations. On completion of the course the subscriber will be provided with additional support in the way of: An email address of the course creator, a blog of the "best questions and answers for the week," a wiki to post personal (anonymous) stories, a Facebook page, a hashtag for Twitter use, and a to a soft copy of the book "Turning the Self Inside Out."
This course is for anyone seeking change to better the self and become the person they were always meant to be.

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