Ulcers of the Lower Extremity


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Jan, 2017

About Ulcers of the Lower Extremity

This book focuses on the clinical evaluation and management of ulcers of the lower limbs. There are numerous causes for ulceration in the lower limbs and each variety requires careful clinical evaluation and management approach. In 29 chapters, written by highly experienced surgeons, the book covers prevalence, types, healing mechanisms, clinical evaluation and microbiology of the ulcers, followed by detailed review of each ulcer variety. Chapters on pyoderma gangrenosum, diabetic foot, grafts and flaps, amputation, pain control strategy and documentation of these cases provide a complete coverage from management stand-point. The book is essential reading not only for general surgeons and vascular surgeons, but also has relevance for orthopedic surgeons, podiatrists, dermatologists and oncologists who manage such cases. Also serves as reference guide for post-graduate examination.

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